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The world of Orioxy is a world of contrasts where sweetness and intimacy mingle with wild organic energy. Their every composition is an imaginary creaking universe. Orioxy is a patchwork of diverse musical styles, film art, poetry and political news! From music box to oriental rhythms, via rock and electro-acoustic, they invite us to share in an adventure of delicate madness.

New live video at Jazz à la Villette, Paris

« Orioxy’s music is the celebration on an idea of the world. »
Francisco Cruz – Jazz News Magazine

« A beauty that defies convention. A beauty that almost disturbs. »
Jacques Prouvost – Jazzques


New album released in February 2015 by GLM Music
Europe release tour in 2015!

Cover Lost ChildrenRecorded in studios La Buissonne (F)
Produced with Philippe Teissier du Cros

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